About Me

อรวี สมิทธิผล
นามปากกา Orn Smith

  • Writer, Educator & Entrepreneur in Content/Inbound Marketing, Technology, and Public Interest
  • CrossFit & Martial Arts Enthusiast (Rank 29th Female CrossFitter in Thailand – CrossFit Open 2022)

Some of My Journey

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Aug 2022 – Present: MS Public Policy & Management at Carnegie Mellon University & Fulbright Scholar

Aug 2016 – June 2022: Co-Founder of Content Shifu

Content Shifu is Thailand’s leading media, academy and ecosystem for digital marketing professionals. As a co-founder, I have been a key person in several areas such as business strategy, marketing and growth, product management, client service and team building.

Apr 2018 – June 2022: Managing Partner at Magnetolabs

Magnetolabs was a leading inbound marketing agency in Thailand

Jan 2016 – Jul 2017: Editor-in-Chief at Techsauce Media

Techsauce is the leading source of all tech and business news in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The company has a combination of expertise in media, events and community. With the mission to drive Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem, the company also created the first global startup summit of the region.

2011 – 2015: Cultural Exchange Volunteer

Representing Mahidol University to connect with partners in foreign countries including Cambodia, Laos, Japan and Sri Lanka.

What Has Made Me Who I Am


Growth Mindset

I used to be a shy person who totally lacked self-confidence. However, there was a turning point that allowed me to become a different person, highly motivated and having a problem-solving mindset.


Strength Training

I grew my mental strength together with physical strength. Fitness has become a part of my lifestyle.
2004 – 2007: Taekwondo
2011 – 2013: Judo
2019: BJJ / Muay Thai
2019 – Present: CrossFit / Yoga


Supportive Community

I’ve been fortunate to be in supportive communities, that connect me with the like-minded who inspire me to grow, like Microsoft Student Partners, Young Webmaster Camp, Thai Tech Startup Community, to name a few.


Learning & Sharing

After having some internships during college, I knew I wanted to change and build my own career. I’ve had to be active to self-learn lots of things, and am an enthusiast to share what I’ve learned with my communities.


Productivity & Clarity

Seeking a way to be balanced between being a productive & output-driven person, and making sure of effectiveness esp. the clarity of whether what’s going on aligns with personal goals and values (as I once made a mistake of losing this connectedness before).



I began my entrepreneurship in 2015 when I went on pitching a product idea in the startup stages. I was a side hustler since then and later became a full-time entrepreneur/business owner in 2018.



Despite being a company leader for many years, leadership skills seem to be a never-ending journey. I am keen to learn more and develop my style of leadership esp. from those who’re female leaders.


Social Responsibility

I find my ‘purpose’ and ‘social impact’ are highly related. I am now currently interested in public issues and the social responsibilities of organizations, which is why I pivot myself toward the Master’s degree I’m pursuing.

*The interview was made in early of 2022 when I still served for my former companies.

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